Fixed prosthetics –
crowns and bridges

Fixed prosthetics – crowns and bridges

If you have decided to undergo a dental crown treatment, you are in the right place! Dento Art is a health institution which has stood for the leading dental clinic when it comes to dental prosthetics, since the materials we use, our cooperation with a top quality dental laboratory, and above all the knowledge and experience of our doctors, have allowed us to become recognized and established as a dental clinic with top quality prosthetic treatments and thousands of satisfied patients.

Your choice of crowns matters – metal-ceramics have a lot of advantages but also some drawbacks, while zirconia and Prettau zirconia have no flaws! Metal-ceramic crowns don’t have any transparency or “glassy” appearance like natural teeth, while zirconia crowns do, and metal-ceramic crowns can, over the years, leave a dark colouring on the edge of the gums near the crown. However, modern materials have become so advanced that this is happening less and less, and metal-ceramics can look beautiful despite the metal base underneath.

Unlike metal-ceramics, zirconia is the perfect material both aesthetically and functionally. Apart from the best aesthetics, zirconia is recognized as a natural material by the gums, meaning there are no allergic reactions, and this biocompatibility makes them the most sought after material when it comes to dental prosthetics, both for crowns and implants.


Prettau zirconia

Prettau zirconia crowns are crowns made of pure zirconia – no additives or other materials, which is a big advantage for this prosthetic, offering a top quality appearance, as well as natural teeth transparency and shine.


Dental bridge


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